Things I Learned From Node Knockout

I had the great fortune to join Paul Armstrong and Zach Johnson of Team Watermelon Sauce to build an entry to the Node Knockout. We built a browser-based multi-player banana-throwing game featuring gorillas in space in just 48 hours.

It's fun to work with your friends, especially if your friends are highly skilled and you can get along amidst stress, lack of sleep, and strictly junk-food based "nutrition." This isn't the first game that I've worked on with them, and it wasn't my first node-based project, but it was our first together with a clean sheet and no outside pressures. I can't stress enough how wonderful it was to have such an experienced pair leading the team. Both Paul and Zach have been building games in their free time, so they cranked out code like machines. I had spent a chunk of time before the competition researching and prototyping orbital mechanics and spent most of my productive time honing the flight of bananas. I would have been more productive, but every iteration was more addicting than the last, and we threw thousands of test bananas before the 48 hours were up.

Without further ado: Apestronauts!

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